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Malaysia Online Best Sports Betting

This is the right place to be if you are looking for the best online sports betting in Malaysia. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about playing at top Malaysian betting sites, each of which has been thoroughly reviewed by our industry-leading experts.

You can use our Malaysian sports betting guide to:

  • Find the best online betting sites in Malaysia there
  • Read how to maximize special offers and promotions
  • Choose their right betting site for your needs

How Do You Choose a Great Malaysian Online Betting Site?

Our list contains only the most trusted and reputable online sportsbook websites around, so how will you know it is accurate? The following is an explanation of how our experts decide which betting sites deserve our recommendation.

Safety and Security

When you make your wagers on any of the best Malaysian sites, your money is at risk, which makes it crucial that you can trust the site with your funds and personal information. The company’s history and gambling license will be examined by our experts to ensure this is the case. Moreover, we’ll look for both positive and negative feedback.

Play a Wide Variety of Sports

Fans of sports in Malaysia love a multitude of betting options, which is why the top sports betting sites in Malaysia offer a variety of options. Fans will be thrilled when they can bet on baseball, football, horse racing, and golf. A sportsbook that offers live streams is also given extra points since you can see the action unfold live. It should also be mandatory for those who accept in-play betting to make it possible for players to participate.

The most popular methods of online payment

Payments are not preferred by all in terms of depositing and withdrawing. Prepaid cards are popular with most players, while others enjoy mobile banking, and some prefer to use a credit card. Players can also place wagers in KRW using e-wallets, which are another popular option. The greater the flexibility offered by a sportsbook, the higher the site will appear on our lists.

Free Bets, Bonuses, Odds for Malaysia

Malaysian sports betting sites do their utmost to attract new customers, which is why you’ll often find welcome bonuses or free bets offered to new players.  As an existing customer, you can also take advantage of a number of promotions. However, consistently good odds should not be ignored either. Having listed the top sports betting sites in Malaysia based on all these factors is how our experts come up with our list.

A great customer support team

Our criteria for choosing a site include a friendly, efficient online support team, as well as a Malay-language option. As a result, you can get the help you need without worrying about language barriers.

Is this something you’d be interested in? Among Malaysia’s top sports bookmakers, you’ll find all this and more! Check out the top sports betting sites in Malaysia to learn more about betting on your favorite sports.

Malaysia’s most popular sports to bet on

You can find Malaysian online betting sites covering a huge selection of sports, but these are the most popular ones you’re likely to find:


Soccer (football) boasts an estimated 4 billion fans worldwide, making it the most popular sport on Earth. Sports betting sites make it easy to bet on football and they cover everything from the Liga Premier League to the English Premier League (EPL), plus dozens of other top leagues and cup competitions.

Speak Takraw

Sepak takraw, or sipà, takraw, kataw, and chinlone, is covered by the majority of the best Malaysian sports betting sites. Despite being invented in Malaysia, it is also popular in Canada, Japan, and the United States.

It’s rugby

This is typically an option at the best online sportsbooks in Malaysia thanks to Malaysia’s more than 300 clubs. Moreover, you’ll be able to place a bet on the Super League, National Rugby League, and Rugby World Cup.


A variety of such bets are available at Malaysia’s most popular sports betting sites, such as badminton using a racket and shuttlecock. You may wager on local as well as international events, such as the annual Malaysia Open, which has been held since 1937.

E-Sports tournaments in Malaysia

At Malaysian online betting sites, E-Sports are becoming increasingly popular. Since players enjoy Dota 2, we’ll always look for that option when we rank the best sport betting sites in Malaysia.

For a list of the best online betting sites in Malaysia that cover all of these options, visit our list at the top of this page.

Online betting in Malaysia: How to place a bet

Are you ready to begin? A Malaysian betting site allows you to place real money bets easily by opening an account. How to do it:

  • The first step is to sign up by entering your name and email address.
  • Register for an account: fill out your personal details and verify the account if necessary
  • Lastly, deposit funds into your account via Pay safe card vouchers, and place your wagers!

Here are our most trusted partners at the safest Malaysian online betting sites that we recommend to you if you want the best betting odds around:

Here’s how Malay odds work

There are a number of top-rated betting sites in Malaysia that offer Malay odds as well. The rules are fairly straightforward. One represents even odds, also known as a 50/50. If the odds are positive – for example, 0.7 – then there is a greater than 50% chance that the event will occur. Each unit you wager wins you 0.7 profit units. When the odds are negative – such as -0.7 – it means the event is less likely to happen, therefore the odds are greater. For every 0.7 wagered, you win one unit.

We should keep in mind that Malay odds are the polar opposite of American odds. Remember this if you alternate between the two frequencies to avoid costly mistakes!

Bet Online at Malaysian Betting Sites and Get Huge Bonuses

The Malaysian online sportsbooks are packed with fantastic offers – but how can you take full advantage of them? Make sure you receive a reward for your wagers by following these tips:

Sportsbooks in Malaysia with a good reputation: If the deal seems too good to be true, chances are that it is. Make sure you choose one of our top-rated Malaysia online sportsbooks, so you can rest assured that you are playing at an official site.

If you don’t have an e-wallet, consider setting one up to use for sports betting. You may qualify for exclusive offers, and you can save on conversion fees.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to one online betting site in Malaysia. Open multiple accounts. One site may be your favorite on a desktop but another may have better promotions or mobile applications. Take full advantage of this by creating multiple accounts.

It is best to experiment with different online sports betting sites to see which one is right for you. Join the best Malaysian sports betting site that our experts recommend today!

You can bet on sports at the top Malaysian sportsbooks

In Malaysia, sports bettors are in a privileged position – there is a wealth of choice available to them! Now that you understand exactly how Malaysia’s best betting sites work, here is what you need to know.

Become a member of some of our recommended sportsbook sites today and you could be betting on your favorite sports in minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Malaysian law allows online sports betting?

Malaysians are not allowed to operate online betting sites, however, they can bet at reputable offshore sites. As a matter of fact, Malaysian authorities deal with prosecuting bettors, not operators, of illegal betting sites. For the best protection of your deposits and winnings, however, it is best to bet with trusted online sportsbooks.

2. Online sports betting is legal in Malaysia, where can I find it?

Sports betting sites that we’ve recommended are completely safe and accept players from Malaysia.

3. Malaysians can gamble online safely?

Using an offshore betting site is the safest option for betting in Malaysia. Betting online in Malaysia is completely safe as long as you follow our tips and sign up at the sportsbooks we recommend.

4. Is it possible to claim free bets in Malaysia?

You can claim free bets at sports betting sites, including promotions for new and existing players.

5. Does Malaysia allow mobile betting?

Malaysia offers convenient mobile sports betting pre-match and in-play.